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17 January 2022

Are Washer Dryers Any Good?

They might not be the most energy efficient way to dry clothes, but when you have a family a tumble dryer is a huge help for keeping on top of the clothes washing. If you don't have a big kitchen or utility room you might be considering a combined washer dryer to save on space, but are they any good?

A close up of a washer dryer talking about if they are any good
Washer dryers are a good space saver but are they any good?

13 January 2022

Amazingly Useful Cooking Gadgets Under £20

I love a good kitchen gadget which makes cooking easier and more fun. I could happily have twice as many cupboards and fill them with a gadget for every possible cooking need, but in reality space is limited so it's only the really useful ones that I have. I have versions of the items below in my house or plan to soon thanks to trying them out. If you don't remark to yourself "oh that's clever" at least once while reading through I will be disappointed.

a stock image from Canva of someone cooking to illustrate a post about clever gadgets for cooking
Clever kitchen gadgets make cooking more fun

04 January 2022

4 Easy Ways to Put Up Art At Home

Most of the walls in our house are an unexciting white. For 6 years I have been looking at some of them, trying to decide how to make them more exciting, but I couldn't make up my mind. Wallpaper and bold colours are too much of a commitment when I can't find anything I love. The easier option is to fill my walls with art, but in the past I was put off because I thought it would be too hard. Every time I've had to drill something into our walls I have made a bit of a mess, but luckily I have discovered there are lots of easy ways to fill your walls with art without using a drill. If you rent your house there are even some great options for putting up art which won't permanently mark the walls. 

A collage wall of picture frames arranged on the floor
There are lots of really easy ways to get art on your walls at home