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18 November 2022

Most effective Mould Removal Products For Home Use

We have a big problem with damp and mould in our house. It’s not just in the bathrooms, but patches on the walls and ceiling. I absolutely hate it and from October onwards I go on high alert to try and catch it as soon as it starts to appear or within a few days it spread big time. This year I think it has been particularly bad because we have delayed turning the heating on for as long as possible. We use dehumidifiers to help with drying clothing, but we still get patches appearing. I have tried various products to help in the past, but after a recent TikTok recommendation I tried something new and I'm really impressed. Find out what we have used in the past and my new favourite product.

A brick wall painted white with black mould growing on it.
Through trial and error I have found the best products for removing mould from my home

07 November 2022

The Power Of 10 Minutes

Are you looking for a way to be more productive around your home? Do you have tasks that need doing that you are struggling to motivate yourself for? Do you have days at home where you feel you haven’t achieved anything? A power 10 minutes can change all that. It is achievable for anybody and you can even get your children to have a go. 

a pile of laundry with a 10 minute timer on top, perfect for motivating you to put washing away
You can motivate yourself to make big progress on housework and tasks with this technique