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24 October 2023

Efficiency in the Kitchen: The Power of Meal Planning

Meal planning is a great skill to get into the habit of. Not only does it help you to keep organised, particularly on those busy family nights when you’re juggling mealtimes with clubs, but it will also help you to save money by planning ahead and avoiding last minute shops and top ups. But where to begin with meal planning? This post covers the basics to get you started. 

A stock image from Canva pro with a meal plan list in the middle surrounded by food
Meal planning basics: I recommend against getting all the food out of the counter while you plan the meals
17 October 2023

The Simple Way To Get Started With Decluttering Your Home

The term ‘decluttering’ seems to be everywhere at the moment, and with good reason. Many of us could lead a much simpler and more meaningful home life without items, objects, toot – indeed, clutter – getting in the way. Once we declutter, we can really feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement, and it gives better control over our homes.

Of course, we can’t live without certain objects, and many of our items also hold sentimental value, but the very definition of clutter is something which does not add value or purpose to your life. In essence, decluttering is about making room in your home and your life for things that really do have meaning for you.

With this in mind, here are my top 5 tips for decluttering your home:

Boxes with a sign saying 'To Donate' illustrating decluttering. Canva Pro Stock Image
Top 5 tips for decluttering your home

03 October 2023

How To Recycle (Nearly) Everything

We all know that the best thing for the planet is to reduce the amount we buy. If we can reuse our shopping bags instead of getting new ones each time, for instance, it quickly makes a difference. Despite our best intentions though we live in a world that has got used to the convenience of single use and disposables. The tide might be turning but from coffee cups to packaging there is a long way to go. It isn't just small items either, it is often cheaper to buy a new washing machine, microwave or TV than to get an old one fixed. So what do you do with the broken one? And what about items in your house that you no longer need? This post runs through the options on how you can sell, giveaway and recycle as many of your unwanted belongings as possible whether they are broken or still usable. 

A series of recycling bins
How to recycle, sell or giveaway items you no longer need and avoid adding to landfill