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21 February 2023

The Inconsistent ADHD Mum Cleaning Plan

The best way to keep your house tidy and clean is to do a little bit each day. Makes absolute sense right? But what if that doesn’t work for you? Methods like The Organised Mum are brilliant if you are able to find the time and motivation for daily cleaning, but it’s never caught on in this house for two reasons: my children tend to cause absolute chaos everyday so just to tidy up that days mess uses most of my energy and when it comes to the deep cleaning? The windows? Skirting? Or even cleaning the oven? Well my ADHD brain just doesn’t want to tackle a little bit of those each days. It’s more likely that I will spend an afternoon doing a major focused clean because I’m in rage at the mess. Or maybe I'll have an urgent piece of work that needs to be done so my brain suddenly decides that the shutters need dusting. I recognise the need to try and have a bit more balance and so I'm sharing the best way I've found to motivate me to get the basics done.  This habit tracker gets results and sometimes it even works to magically get housework done without me lifting a finger!

A messy room with toys all over the floor can be a challenge to keep the house tidy with children
Keeping on top of the housework can feel impossible when you have children