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26 February 2022

Review of Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner

*Gifted product* I was sent the Multi Surface Cleaner (Counter Clean) Starter Kit to try out from Purdy & Figg which is an Eco-Concentrate product.  You get little bottles of concentrated cleaner in glass bottles that you mix up with water in the large glass bottle. It costs a bit more than I would normally spend on cleaning products, but there are a lot of things I like about this kit and the company.

The contents of the Purdy & Figg multi surface cleaner starter set
Review of the Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Starter Set 
17 February 2022

The Best Way To Wash Period Pants

I am a huge advocate of period pants. I think they have revolutionised periods offering comfort and reliability to menstruating people while also being eco friendly. This is a really useful post if you want to learn about period pants, but I’m assuming you are here because you have period pants already and you want to know how to wash them.

Most brands suggest that their period pants will last at least 2 to 4 years, or roughly 40 to 50 uses each. The real life span of period pants will depend on the quality of pants and the care you take of them. Cheeky Pants for instance are relatively low cost, but I have found the quality isn’t so good and it feels like the waterproof layer isn’t going to last 2 years, my Modibodi pants are really reliable, but have gone bobbly in the wash and my WUKA pants in contrast still feel reliable after many wears (but I don't like the styles as much).

A pair of period pants period underwear being worn
The Best Ways To Store, Wash and Dry Period Pants