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26 February 2022

Review of Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner

*Gifted product* I was sent the Multi Surface Cleaner (Counter Clean) Starter Kit to try out from Purdy & Figg which is an Eco-Concentrate product.  You get little bottles of concentrated cleaner in glass bottles that you mix up with water in the large glass bottle. It costs a bit more than I would normally spend on cleaning products, but there are a lot of things I like about this kit and the company.

The contents of the Purdy & Figg multi surface cleaner starter set
Review of the Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Starter Set 

Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Review: My Thoughts

It is really easy to make up the Purdy & Figg Multi-Surface product thanks to the inclusion of a funnel so it is quick to go from opening the packaging to trying it all out. I generally use unscented cleaners and can find essential oil products a bit strong, but the Purdy & Figg concentrate isn't too strong: unless you are using a lot of the cleaner in a small room with the windows shut it shouldn’t be too overpowering.

Counter Clean tackles day to day dirt on surfaces really easily and doesn’t leave streaks (this includes on glass and our stainless steal bin). I found it really does work well on lots of different surfaces. As a side note it was originally called Counter Clean and designed for kitchens, but then they discovered in worked well on a wide range of surfaces and they kept the name.

While the normal cleaning power was great I found it didn’t work as well on stubborn stains (much like other products I have used) or really stuck on grease. Overall though I love that the one product can work so well on all my surfaces including glass and mirrors. It can easily replace lots of existing cleaning products so you can use one product for daily cleaning. I would still want to use some of my more intensive (and yes, sorry horrible chemical ones) for baked on stubborn kitchen grime and stained surfaces, but I would happily switch to Counter Clean for everything else.

Printed instructions on the inside of the purdy & figg multi-cleaner box to make up the concentrated solution
Instructions for making the Purdy & Figg Surface cleaner

A close up of uplifting citrus cleaning concentrate
Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Concentrate comes in 3 essential oil mixes

What You Need to Know About the Purdy & Figg Multi-Surface Cleaner

  • This Bundle Starter Kit with Multi-Surface Cleaner currently costs £30 and it comes with a glass bottle with trigger spray lid, 3 concentrates in different essential oil mixes (or you can choose 3 of the same), a funnel and a microfibre cloth. You can also buy smaller starter kits which just have one bottle of concentrate and the bottle for life.
  • The glass bottle is described as a “bottle for life” and is made from toughened glass which means it should survive knocks and bangs. If the bottle or lid does break they will replace it. While this doesn’t include general wear and tear you can feel confident that it should last you a good few years.  
  • The cute little glass concentrate bottles can be recycled or you can send back 6 or more bottles to Purdy & Figg to receive £5 off your next order.
  • The cleaner is made with essential oils which obviously means the cleaner is scented, but it’s not an overpowering smell like some essential oil based products.
  • Made in the UK and stated as Non-GMO, Paraben-free and Cruelty Free
  • The ingredients are all plant derived and there is a full list on both the labels and website. On the website it also explains what all the different ingredients do.

The Counter Clean Bottle for Life close up spraying a table
The Bottle for Life will be replaced if it breaks

How Does Counter Clean Multi Surface Cleaner Work?

The website says that Counter Clean works by actively removing grease, grime & dirt from surfaces, along with bacteria, viruses and mould. Essentially it both ensures that the bad stuff comes off the surface and that the bacteria and viruses get broken down so they can’t survive. This is beneficial when you compare it to the ineffective way most people use disinfectants because people tend to wipe them off before it’s had a chance to work and the products don't always taking the bacteria with it.

The Multi-Surface Cleaner concentrates are all made with the same base ingredients so they all clean the same way, but there are 3 different scents to choose from:

  • Uplifting Citrus contains sweet orange & grapefruit peels and niaouli leaves, known for their cheerful aromas and mood-enhancing properties.
  • Balancing Floral contains rose geranium, lemon peel and vetiver roots, known for their comforting & balancing properties. 
  • Grounding Vetiver contains a unique blend of sweet orange, coriander seed and vetiver, known for their calming & grounding effects.

(concentrate descriptions taken from Purdy & Figg website).

Are Purdy & Figg Products Suitable for Allergy and Eczema Sufferers?

If you know what your allergies are then the transparent ingredients list will help you identify if you are likely to have a problem however generally they expect few people to have a problem because they have carefully selected essential oils with a very low allergy profile. They suggest if you are allergic to naturally occurring allergens like Citral or Citronellol you avoid using the products but all other ingredients are gentle on the skin and shouldn’t cause irritation.

*Disclosure: I was sent the Starter kit with no obligation to share or post. All words and thoughts are my own except where stated*

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