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10 March 2022

10 Low Maintenance House Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Do you look at houses filled with plants and feel a little bit in awe and jealous? Plants bring colour and life into the home and they can even improve the air quality, but not everyone is green fingered. I used to think I had no chance of keeping house plants alive, I’ve even killed off an air plant, but I’ve discovered I had previously chosen plants which were too high maintenance for me. What I needed were plants that can survive, or even thrive, on being ignored. If you want to have house plants, but haven’t managed to keep them alive before then here are some plants that wont mind if you only water them once a week or whenever you remember.

A close up of a very much alive but neglected orchid with pink and white flowers
Some house plants survive well even if you keep forgetting to water them

02 March 2022

Have You Heard of CleanTok?

I am a big fan of TikTok. The combination of the huge amount of content and the great algorithm means you get to see videos you didn’t even know would interest you and there is a good chance your content will get see too, even if you have no followers. Whatever your interests you should check it out, but if you have an interest in cleaning and tidying you will love CleanTok.

a mobile phone with TikTok open and the hashtag cleantok searched for
CleanTok is full of great tips and cleaning motivation