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28 December 2021

What is Spring Cleaning and Where Should You Start?

What Is Spring Cleaning? 

Traditionally Spring Cleaning is the term given to a full house clean taking place at the beginning of spring. As the days get longer and the sun gets brighter the dust and cobwebs around the home become more obvious so it’s a good opportunity to do a deep clean and get rid of anything no longer needed. The warmer days mean windows can be opened to let the air in and make everything feel a bit fresher.

Spring Cleaning originated long before the days of bright electric lighting and central heating so now the onset of Spring doesn’t really have the same impact of highlighting the dirt everywhere that it used to, but it’s still a good idea to give your house a good once over and thorough clean every so often. Rather than waiting until the start of spring though you could choose any time to get started, you might even be motivated to do a deep clean when you take down the Christmas decorations.

A mop cleaning a dirty floor that is in need of a deep clean which is perfect for spring cleaning
Where to start your Spring Clean

16 December 2021

The Most Recommended Cleaning Products, Gadgets and Appliances

Head to any shop or website and the huge choice of cleaning products is overwhelming. How do you choose? How do you know what works? It’s understandable to be a bit dubious about marketing which will focus on the positives and you don’t want to waste money on things that don’t work. I have asked a group of bloggers what their favourite cleaning products are that they have spent their own money on. Having been in a position to review lots of products and just generally working to keep their homes clean they have tested a lot of products out and so saving you the hard work these are their recommendations of the cleaning products, utensils and appliances they wouldn’t be without. 

best products for cleaning at home
What are the best products for cleaning?

12 December 2021

Is It Worth Selling Unwanted Children's Clothes and Toys?

You might still wear a much loved jumper that you bought 10 years ago, but children’s clothes aren't worn for as long. Even if you keep bits for younger siblings there will be some clothes and toys that are still in good condition, but you don’t need any more. The easiest thing to do is to bag them up and pass them to charity, but if you have the time it can be worth selling items to go towards the cost of replacements, but what is the best way to sell unwanted children’s toys and clothes? This post looks at the different ways you can sell children’s toys and clothes.

Selling children's clothes and toys
If you decide to sell there are lots of ways to make money from old children's clothes and toys

05 December 2021

 5 Top Tips for Getting Your Home Christmas Ready

Can you believe it is December already? The last year has been so tough on everyone with many ups and downs throughout the year. After a grinding halt being put on last year’s Christmas celebrations it is no surprise that this year people are hoping for a return to some of our usual Christmas celebrations including nativities, parties and of course seeing family and friends. 

I must admit it has definitely brightened my mood seeing Christmas markets bustling and houses adorned with Christmas lights whenever we have to go out at dark. But with it looking likely we will be able to spend Christmas with loved ones, our thoughts turn to our homes and getting them ready for any visitors! So below I am sharing some top tips on how you can get your home Christmas ready so that you can sit back and enjoy the festive season

Tree decoration showing a count down of days until Christmas as a reminder to get organised
Christmas is coming, tips on how to get your home ready
02 December 2021

Can You Repair Scratches On Wooden Flooring Yourself?

Wood flooring is a great choice in a busy home because it is easy to clean. Mess made by spilled drinks and muddy shoes is quick to wipe away and you can sweep up dust and crumbs in seconds. Wood floor does tend to get scratches and dents over time though especially if you have children or pets charging about and dragging furniture around the room (no matter how many times I ask them not too). I generally accept the rustic charm of our imperfect floors, but occasionally I want to get rid of the more obvious scratches.

A close up of a wooden furniture repair pen next to a scratch on dark wood floor
You can easily repair minor scratches on wooden floor yourself, or at least make them less visible

The best way to get rid of damage to wooden floors is to call in professionals, but if that’s not an affordable option for you or it seems pointless as damage is continuous then there are ways you can make scratches and marks less obvious. So what is the best way to remove scratches from wooden floors yourself?