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05 December 2021

 5 Top Tips for Getting Your Home Christmas Ready

Can you believe it is December already? The last year has been so tough on everyone with many ups and downs throughout the year. After a grinding halt being put on last year’s Christmas celebrations it is no surprise that this year people are hoping for a return to some of our usual Christmas celebrations including nativities, parties and of course seeing family and friends. 

I must admit it has definitely brightened my mood seeing Christmas markets bustling and houses adorned with Christmas lights whenever we have to go out at dark. But with it looking likely we will be able to spend Christmas with loved ones, our thoughts turn to our homes and getting them ready for any visitors! So below I am sharing some top tips on how you can get your home Christmas ready so that you can sit back and enjoy the festive season

Tree decoration showing a count down of days until Christmas as a reminder to get organised
Christmas is coming, tips on how to get your home ready

How To Get Your Home Ready For The Christmas Season

Have a deep clean before you put the decorations up

With December already here many of us will be heading up into the loft the retrieve those Christmas decorations out. But before you start making your home all festive have a deep clean of the rooms you will be placing decorations, it will be so much easier! Move out any furniture you plan on moving to make way for a tree or decorations and wipe down any surfaces that decorations will be placed. Once all your decorations and the tree are in place it will be really hard to reach these spots (or without breaking anything!). So, having a good deep clean beforehand will make things so much easier for you.

Bleed your radiators 

With the festive season comes the festive weather and it's already so cold. Whether it will just be you in your home, your family or you are expecting guests you will want your home to be cosy and warm. But if your radiators aren't working effectively then you may be wasting money and heat. Bleeding your radiators is simple to do (you can purchase a special key in most DIY stores) and is simply removing any air that may have built up in your radiators. Using a special key (which cost just a few pounds), you can bleed out any air that may have accumulated in your radiators and is preventing them from heating correctly. 


We all know that with Christmas comes clutter and by making room for it now and creating more space you will be grateful you did it when Christmas does arrive. If you are expecting lots of guests over Christmas too, decluttering will free up some space that you may need and create more room to entertain and welcome people into your home. If you have children, Christmas is a great time for them to help with decluttering too. Hand your children a box or bag and ask them to fill it with any toys they no longer want or need. Even better give them two boxes, one for broken or very old toys that can be thrown away or recycled and another for toys that could be donated or passed onto others. 

Defrost your freezer space 

Christmas celebrations often mean plenty of Christmas food, not to mention the turkey and all the trimmings for Christmas lunch, but all this food must go somewhere! If your freezers have been a little neglected and gathering ice over the last year, now is the time to defrost them, clear them out and make room for all your Christmas goodies. 

Plan Ahead 

The last thing you want to be doing over Christmas is rushing around, so plan ahead and get everything ready beforehand so you can sit back and relax. If you are planning a big Christmas dinner, don't be afraid to set the table the night before to save yourself time on the big day. Check you have enough plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses etc a few days before, this way if you are short you have time to go out and buy more. 

The same can be said for planning ahead when visiting friends and family, work out when you will see them and plan around that. Trying to squeeze visiting everyone in one day can leave you feeling burnt out and unable to enjoy the day. Plan your visits or visitors with some down time between each one, this way if one visit over runs you won't be left dashing around late. 

But the most important tip of all? Take time to enjoy the day! Nobody will mind if your house is a little messy, you’re running a little late, the turkey is slightly over done or if you've had a drink by 9am on Christmas day. The most important thing to remember is it’s a time to enjoy just being with those you love. Many of us missed out on all of this time, love and traditions last year, so this year let’s make the most of it by just being present and taking it all in. 

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