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29 May 2022

4 Of The Best Budgeting Tips For Single Parents

Managing your finances as a single parent can be extremely daunting. As a single parent, you're likely to feel a lot of pressure to provide and it’s all too easy to lose track of money as you navigate your journey through parenthood. I’ve put together this list of 4 of the best budgeting tips for single parents to help anyone who has found themselves worrying about how to track their finances, save money, and create better budgets.

A free stock image from canva pro showing a woman at a table working on her monthly budget for her household

16 May 2022

How To Remove Dog and Cat Fur From Your Sofa

We love our pets in the UK. As a nation, we definitely consider dogs to be “man’s best friend” and a cat is wonderful company. Despite this unconditional love, however, there are a few annoyances that can come from having a furry pet, and one of those is finding dog or cat hair all over your sofa and clothing. If this sounds like something you experience, don’t worry, here are some great solutions that will help you to remove fur from your sofa, your clothes, as well as other soft furnishings around your home. 

A pet dog on a patio, removing fur and hairs from soft furnishings
Love your pets, but not everything being covered in hair? These tips will help

09 May 2022

How To Keep Yourself Motivated When Working From Home

The pandemic has brought a huge shift to our ways of working with many people finding themselves working from home at least a few days a week if not full time, but not everyone finds it easy to stay motivated when in a home environment. 

There are many reasons that people often find working from home to be more challenging than working in the office. Usually, when working from home you’re surrounded by more distractions, some people experience loneliness and miss the social aspect of the workplace that they may thrive on, and others find it difficult to find their ‘get up and go’ when it comes to rolling out of bed and starting work for the day.

If you have found it difficult to keep yourself focused on the task at hand when working from home and you are looking for tips on how to keep yourself motivated when working from home, then this blog post has been written with you in mind. 

Stock image from canva of what not to do when working from home if you want to say motivated including sitting on the sofa not dressed
Working on the sofa might feel comfy, but it's not the best way to stay motivated when working from home