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25 April 2022

Top Tips For Organising Your Pots and Pans

Now I don’t want to be dramatic, but I’m pretty sure the pots and pans cupboard is the most chaotic in my kitchen, with fierce competition from the Tupperware drawer. Hands up if you’ve ever opened your pan cupboard and found yourself at the bottom of a cooking pot avalanche. Or maybe you’ve been looking for a specific pan, but you can’t find it amidst the chaos. Yes, it sound’s extreme, but when I say using organisation hacks for organising my pots and pans transformed meal times, I absolutely mean it. 

a really messy pan cupboard and how to organise it
There is no need for your pan cupboard to be a mess with these clever tips

19 April 2022

Budget Friendly School Packed Lunch Ideas

If you live in England or Wales and have a primary-aged school child, you will have likely considered buying school meals instead of sending your child to school with packed lunches. School lunches are free for children in Reception through to Year 2 as well as families on low incomes, but not everyone is eligible and not all children want to eat the lunches school provides. If you aren't eligible for free school meals you can end up paying from £2 to £5 a day.  That means that school meals cost up to £25 a week per child.  If you’re on a tight budget, a single parent budgeting their weekly costs, or you are simply looking for ways to save money in your everyday life, keep reading. 

a school lunch box with an apple on top illustrating budget friendly school packed lunch ideas. Stock image used from Canva
Suggestions of budget friendly school packed lunch ideas

08 April 2022

Top Tips For Organising Your Day To Ensure You’re More Productive

Have you ever struggled to get everything that you wanted to get done during the day, actually done? Sometimes it seems like there’s just so much to do and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day in which to do them. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably benefit from these top tips for organising your day to ensure you’re more productive. If you want to reorganise your life and successfully take control of your hectic schedule, keep reading.

To do list for getting organised and being more organised
You need to do more than just make a to do list to make sure you are productive