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25 April 2022

Top Tips For Organising Your Pots and Pans

Now I don’t want to be dramatic, but I’m pretty sure the pots and pans cupboard is the most chaotic in my kitchen, with fierce competition from the Tupperware drawer. Hands up if you’ve ever opened your pan cupboard and found yourself at the bottom of a cooking pot avalanche. Or maybe you’ve been looking for a specific pan, but you can’t find it amidst the chaos. Yes, it sound’s extreme, but when I say using organisation hacks for organising my pots and pans transformed meal times, I absolutely mean it. 

a really messy pan cupboard and how to organise it
There is no need for your pan cupboard to be a mess with these clever tips

If you need help arranging your kitchen cupboards and you’re looking for top tips for organising your pots and pans, you’re in the right place. Below are the best storage and organisation hacks for your pots and pans - including the lids! This post contains affiliate links.

How To Organise Pots And Pans In Your Kitchen

Organise Your Pots and Pans by Hanging Them on the Walls of Your Kitchen

Organising your pots and pans by hanging them is a great way to make sure your pots and pans are always within reach and arranged in a way that makes cooking easier. 

Look for a well-positioned section of empty wall within your kitchen - this may be above your oven, or off to the side - and install a couple of mounted pot rails. To keep in with the style of your kitchen, look out for pot rails that come with hooks that match the rail’s aesthetic. You can also purchase hooks separately if needed. 

Not only can pot rails be used to organise your pots and pans in the kitchen, but they can also be great utensil holders. Lids can be stored using these rails by positioning them against the wall and sliding them between the wall and the rail, using the cookware handle to keep them in place.

Use Tension Rods to Divide Cupboard Space

Tension rods have many uses, but they’re especially useful in the kitchen. Tension rods are cheap to buy and make great dividers, not only for your pots and pans cupboard, but also for other cookware items such as baking trays and cake tins. Use them either horizontally or vertically, depending on which method allows you to maximise the space you have available. 

Organise Your Pots and Pans in the Cupboard by Stacking and Store Your Lids Separately

A simple way to store your pots and pans is to stack them by size order in your cupboard and then use lid holders to secure the loose lids to the inside of the cupboard door. There are lots of different styles including self adhesive holders you can position your self to be the right size for your lids or attach a hanging rack to the door which will holder various size lids (there are some designs that hang on your door if you don't want to drill holes).

Add a Pot Rack to Your Cupboards

You may find that you have all the cupboard space necessary for organising your pots and pans, you just haven’t got the right tools needed in order to maximise the space. If this is the case, a cheap way to optimise your cupboard space is to use a pot rack. Pot racks can be used vertically or laid on their side - you can also purchase lid organisers too. 

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