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18 November 2022

Most effective Mould Removal Products For Home Use

We have a big problem with damp and mould in our house. It’s not just in the bathrooms, but patches on the walls and ceiling. I absolutely hate it and from October onwards I go on high alert to try and catch it as soon as it starts to appear or within a few days it spread big time. This year I think it has been particularly bad because we have delayed turning the heating on for as long as possible. We use dehumidifiers to help with drying clothing, but we still get patches appearing. I have tried various products to help in the past, but after a recent TikTok recommendation I tried something new and I'm really impressed. Find out what we have used in the past and my new favourite product.

A brick wall painted white with black mould growing on it.
Through trial and error I have found the best products for removing mould from my home

07 November 2022

The Power Of 10 Minutes

Are you looking for a way to be more productive around your home? Do you have tasks that need doing that you are struggling to motivate yourself for? Do you have days at home where you feel you haven’t achieved anything? A power 10 minutes can change all that. It is achievable for anybody and you can even get your children to have a go. 

a pile of laundry with a 10 minute timer on top, perfect for motivating you to put washing away
You can motivate yourself to make big progress on housework and tasks with this technique

06 October 2022

How to Save Energy Washing Clothes (plus drying and ironing tips)

Are you feeling the pinch and trying to save money where ever you can? While we might be able to cut down how much money we spend on food or 'treats' the amount we will have to spend on gas and electric in the coming months is a big concern. Luckily there are adjustments we can make to save money without noticing any difference and one of these changes is how we wash clothes. Following the tips in this post can reduce how much energy you use washing clothes by over 70%!  

A washing machine full of clothes and how to wash clothes in a more energy efficient way
You can spend less money washing clothes with these tips
06 June 2022

How To Bleed Your Radiator Yourself

If your radiators aren’t heating up properly, have cold spots, or are completely cold despite your heating being on one of the things you might want to try is to bleed them. Bleeding your radiator is the act of removing trapped air that has built up inside your radiators.This trapped air can affect the efficiency of your central heating. It is very simple and easy to bleed your radiator yourself, all you will need is a radiator key and a cloth/tea towel to catch any water.

Children playing in front of a perfectly heating radiator after their parent learnt how to bleed the radiator
If your radiators aren't heating properly you might need to bleed them

29 May 2022

4 Of The Best Budgeting Tips For Single Parents

Managing your finances as a single parent can be extremely daunting. As a single parent, you're likely to feel a lot of pressure to provide and it’s all too easy to lose track of money as you navigate your journey through parenthood. I’ve put together this list of 4 of the best budgeting tips for single parents to help anyone who has found themselves worrying about how to track their finances, save money, and create better budgets.

A free stock image from canva pro showing a woman at a table working on her monthly budget for her household

16 May 2022

How To Remove Dog and Cat Fur From Your Sofa

We love our pets in the UK. As a nation, we definitely consider dogs to be “man’s best friend” and a cat is wonderful company. Despite this unconditional love, however, there are a few annoyances that can come from having a furry pet, and one of those is finding dog or cat hair all over your sofa and clothing. If this sounds like something you experience, don’t worry, here are some great solutions that will help you to remove fur from your sofa, your clothes, as well as other soft furnishings around your home. 

A pet dog on a patio, removing fur and hairs from soft furnishings
Love your pets, but not everything being covered in hair? These tips will help

09 May 2022

How To Keep Yourself Motivated When Working From Home

The pandemic has brought a huge shift to our ways of working with many people finding themselves working from home at least a few days a week if not full time, but not everyone finds it easy to stay motivated when in a home environment. 

There are many reasons that people often find working from home to be more challenging than working in the office. Usually, when working from home you’re surrounded by more distractions, some people experience loneliness and miss the social aspect of the workplace that they may thrive on, and others find it difficult to find their ‘get up and go’ when it comes to rolling out of bed and starting work for the day.

If you have found it difficult to keep yourself focused on the task at hand when working from home and you are looking for tips on how to keep yourself motivated when working from home, then this blog post has been written with you in mind. 

Stock image from canva of what not to do when working from home if you want to say motivated including sitting on the sofa not dressed
Working on the sofa might feel comfy, but it's not the best way to stay motivated when working from home

25 April 2022

Top Tips For Organising Your Pots and Pans

Now I don’t want to be dramatic, but I’m pretty sure the pots and pans cupboard is the most chaotic in my kitchen, with fierce competition from the Tupperware drawer. Hands up if you’ve ever opened your pan cupboard and found yourself at the bottom of a cooking pot avalanche. Or maybe you’ve been looking for a specific pan, but you can’t find it amidst the chaos. Yes, it sound’s extreme, but when I say using organisation hacks for organising my pots and pans transformed meal times, I absolutely mean it. 

a really messy pan cupboard and how to organise it
There is no need for your pan cupboard to be a mess with these clever tips

19 April 2022

Budget Friendly School Packed Lunch Ideas

If you live in England or Wales and have a primary-aged school child, you will have likely considered buying school meals instead of sending your child to school with packed lunches. School lunches are free for children in Reception through to Year 2 as well as families on low incomes, but not everyone is eligible and not all children want to eat the lunches school provides. If you aren't eligible for free school meals you can end up paying from £2 to £5 a day.  That means that school meals cost up to £25 a week per child.  If you’re on a tight budget, a single parent budgeting their weekly costs, or you are simply looking for ways to save money in your everyday life, keep reading. 

a school lunch box with an apple on top illustrating budget friendly school packed lunch ideas. Stock image used from Canva
Suggestions of budget friendly school packed lunch ideas

08 April 2022

Top Tips For Organising Your Day To Ensure You’re More Productive

Have you ever struggled to get everything that you wanted to get done during the day, actually done? Sometimes it seems like there’s just so much to do and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day in which to do them. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably benefit from these top tips for organising your day to ensure you’re more productive. If you want to reorganise your life and successfully take control of your hectic schedule, keep reading.

To do list for getting organised and being more organised
You need to do more than just make a to do list to make sure you are productive

10 March 2022

10 Low Maintenance House Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Do you look at houses filled with plants and feel a little bit in awe and jealous? Plants bring colour and life into the home and they can even improve the air quality, but not everyone is green fingered. I used to think I had no chance of keeping house plants alive, I’ve even killed off an air plant, but I’ve discovered I had previously chosen plants which were too high maintenance for me. What I needed were plants that can survive, or even thrive, on being ignored. If you want to have house plants, but haven’t managed to keep them alive before then here are some plants that wont mind if you only water them once a week or whenever you remember.

A close up of a very much alive but neglected orchid with pink and white flowers
Some house plants survive well even if you keep forgetting to water them

02 March 2022

Have You Heard of CleanTok?

I am a big fan of TikTok. The combination of the huge amount of content and the great algorithm means you get to see videos you didn’t even know would interest you and there is a good chance your content will get see too, even if you have no followers. Whatever your interests you should check it out, but if you have an interest in cleaning and tidying you will love CleanTok.

a mobile phone with TikTok open and the hashtag cleantok searched for
CleanTok is full of great tips and cleaning motivation

26 February 2022

Review of Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner

*Gifted product* I was sent the Multi Surface Cleaner (Counter Clean) Starter Kit to try out from Purdy & Figg which is an Eco-Concentrate product.  You get little bottles of concentrated cleaner in glass bottles that you mix up with water in the large glass bottle. It costs a bit more than I would normally spend on cleaning products, but there are a lot of things I like about this kit and the company.

The contents of the Purdy & Figg multi surface cleaner starter set
Review of the Purdy & Figg Counter Clean Starter Set 
17 February 2022

The Best Way To Wash Period Pants

I am a huge advocate of period pants. I think they have revolutionised periods offering comfort and reliability to menstruating people while also being eco friendly. This is a really useful post if you want to learn about period pants, but I’m assuming you are here because you have period pants already and you want to know how to wash them.

Most brands suggest that their period pants will last at least 2 to 4 years, or roughly 40 to 50 uses each. The real life span of period pants will depend on the quality of pants and the care you take of them. Cheeky Pants for instance are relatively low cost, but I have found the quality isn’t so good and it feels like the waterproof layer isn’t going to last 2 years, my Modibodi pants are really reliable, but have gone bobbly in the wash and my WUKA pants in contrast still feel reliable after many wears (but I don't like the styles as much).

A pair of period pants period underwear being worn
The Best Ways To Store, Wash and Dry Period Pants

17 January 2022

Are Washer Dryers Any Good?

They might not be the most energy efficient way to dry clothes, but when you have a family a tumble dryer is a huge help for keeping on top of the clothes washing. If you don't have a big kitchen or utility room you might be considering a combined washer dryer to save on space, but are they any good?

A close up of a washer dryer talking about if they are any good
Washer dryers are a good space saver but are they any good?

13 January 2022

Amazingly Useful Cooking Gadgets Under £20

I love a good kitchen gadget which makes cooking easier and more fun. I could happily have twice as many cupboards and fill them with a gadget for every possible cooking need, but in reality space is limited so it's only the really useful ones that I have. I have versions of the items below in my house or plan to soon thanks to trying them out. If you don't remark to yourself "oh that's clever" at least once while reading through I will be disappointed.

a stock image from Canva of someone cooking to illustrate a post about clever gadgets for cooking
Clever kitchen gadgets make cooking more fun

04 January 2022

4 Easy Ways to Put Up Art At Home

Most of the walls in our house are an unexciting white. For 6 years I have been looking at some of them, trying to decide how to make them more exciting, but I couldn't make up my mind. Wallpaper and bold colours are too much of a commitment when I can't find anything I love. The easier option is to fill my walls with art, but in the past I was put off because I thought it would be too hard. Every time I've had to drill something into our walls I have made a bit of a mess, but luckily I have discovered there are lots of easy ways to fill your walls with art without using a drill. If you rent your house there are even some great options for putting up art which won't permanently mark the walls. 

A collage wall of picture frames arranged on the floor
There are lots of really easy ways to get art on your walls at home