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17 October 2023

The Simple Way To Get Started With Decluttering Your Home

The term ‘decluttering’ seems to be everywhere at the moment, and with good reason. Many of us could lead a much simpler and more meaningful home life without items, objects, toot – indeed, clutter – getting in the way. Once we declutter, we can really feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement, and it gives better control over our homes.

Of course, we can’t live without certain objects, and many of our items also hold sentimental value, but the very definition of clutter is something which does not add value or purpose to your life. In essence, decluttering is about making room in your home and your life for things that really do have meaning for you.

With this in mind, here are my top 5 tips for decluttering your home:

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Top 5 tips for decluttering your home

How To Declutter Your Home The Simple Way

1. Decide what or where you want to declutter

Many of us have problematic areas of our home: that box room which has turned into a junk room, the loft which seems to be a black hole for anything that’s not needed on the lower floors, maybe even that all important ‘messy drawer’. And many more of us have bigger amounts of mess to tackle than just one specific area. This is all perfectly normal!

The key to successful decluttering it to decide on what or where to declutter and when. Start with just one area of the home and work on that thoroughly. The sense of achievement you’ll feel from working through that one space, and producing a beautifully organised area in its place, will help to propel you through decluttering the rest of your home. 

2. Set aside the time to declutter

When thinking about decluttering, it’s important to set aside some dedicated time to undertake the decluttering process. It’s pointless starting to declutter when you know you’ve only got limited time to do so because of other commitments; if you get halfway through decluttering a space and then give up, it’s really demotivating to carry on with other spaces that may need the same treatment.

Having half of the junk you’re trying to get rid of spread out on different surfaces or around the room and then left there until you can find the time – and the motivation – to carry on is a recipe for disaster. Once you’ve decided to declutter, it’s important therefore to set aside sufficient time, acknowledging that the job might take longer than you expect, and make sure to finish the task at hand.

3. Work out a sorting method

Creating a sorting method will help you to manage the decluttering process. This could be something as simple as three boxes or baskets, labelled as “keep”, “sell”, “donate” as well as items to throw away or recycle (check out this post for all the surprising items you can recycle and how). Methodically go through your cupboard, loft or room and decide what you want to do with each of the items. It's ok to keep items for sentimental reasons, but encourage yourself to get rid of at least three items for every one you keep just because you aren't ready to part with. 

And then most importantly, actually action whatever it is that you’ve decided to do with them! Don’t just leave them sitting in those aforementioned boxes and baskets for months on end, as this defeats the object of decluttering. Either reorganise those things that you’re going to keep back into the space, book a stall at a car bootsale or list items to sell on online selling sites, and donate the items that you’ve earmarked for charity or hand-me-downs for others.

4. Have storage at the ready

This is one of the more fun aspects of decluttering! Who doesn’t love a trip to buy new bits and bobs to organise with?!

It’s important to look at the space you’re working on and work out how best to organise the items that will be staying there. It’s likely that you’ll need new storage in order to truly organise the space, and it’s wise to have this at the ready before you start the decluttering process.

This could mean buying baskets or organising shelves for cupboards, tension rods to hang items from, or it could mean having to buy new storage furniture for a room; either way, make sure that you have the right type of storage for your needs so that you can truly organise.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

If you’re finding the process of decluttering really overwhelming, but you know that you need to reclaim your space, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are professional decluttering services out there, and if you’re really serious about getting your home organised, this could be the route for you. There is no shame in asking for help, especially with something which can help you to regain control over your life.

If you are still struggling this secret to getting started with decluttering will help. Good luck with the decluttering process. I hope you discover plenty of joy in old items along the way and plenty of headspace from living in a clutter-free home!

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