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09 November 2021

Full Disclosure - About This Blog

Full disclosure: I do not live in a clean, tidy house. It is not one of those homes you see on Instagram and think “wow, that’s beautiful”. It is a family home where we all own far too many things and those things are regularly left on every available surface. I have 3 children, a partner and a cat. We live in a 3 bed terrace house on the border of Essex and London. Some days I think my families ambition is to undo every bit of cleaning I do, or maybe they are just having fun, who knows. It’s ok if you home isn’t spotless and hopefully through this blog you will find ways to have a cleaner home and be more organised.

If you are a long time fan of a Mrs Hinch and have a house so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor then you are welcome here too. Don’t let the chaos I live in take away from the value of the tips and reviews. Hopefully I can make all your hard work a little easier too.

A pile of LEGO and DUPLO on a rug with a character sitting on top of it
Living with 3 children there are constant challenges to keeping our home tidy and clean

My Values

Everything I share I do with these values in mind

Minimise waste where possible. 

A lot of the cleaning hacks and speed cleaning encourages waste eg single use wipes. There are times when they make sense, but I’m always aiming to minimise waste because it’s better for the environment and for my wallet.

Balance quality with cost. 

The cheapest option isn’t always the best option, but the most expensive isn’t always the best either. I aim to find the products that work best for the lowest value and provide enough information to see if they work for you.


Keeping on top of housework, looking after children, working, socialising, sleeping. There is so much to keep on top of and nobody expects a perfect house. I want to normalise that most family homes are aren’t show homes. I don’t have one and I’m not going to pretend I have one. I’m also not going to say a product is great if I don’t think it is.


If something breaks or is looking a bit tired I can't always afford to replace it. Our house has a constant list of things that need fixing or replacing and we have to prioritise and make do with what we can.  With 3 young children my house and the items in it are constantly getting damaged and the photographs will show that there is a lot that could be done if money was no object. In fact if money was no object we would move and live somewhere else.

Good faith. 

I share my tips and thoughts in the hope that they will help people. I might make mistakes or get things wrong, I’m only human, but I am sharing information in good faith.


This blog will contain affiliate links and adverts. The intention is to earn an income to support writing the blog and buying products to test, but it’s not just about making money. First and foremost I hope it is useful.

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